Method of processing coffee

The honey method:

In which the cherry bean is harvested while preserving the outer layer of the coffee bean, then it is dried by spreading it on beds
drying under the sun for a period of ten to fifteen days, which gives a balance in flavor between
acidity, sweetness and balanced texture.

Dried method (natural):

In which the coffee cherry beans are picked and carefully purified from the fallen leaves along with the cherry beans, then they are spread on the ground
drying beds under the sun for a period of four to six weeks, after which the cherry kernels are collected
peeling and sorting the coffee beans according to size, then washing and drying them from the moisture of the water, and wrapping them in appropriate bags
It contributes to maintaining the fruity flavor of the coffee bean with a heavy body.

Excelso specialty coffee - washed
Chilchily Specialty Coffee - Dried

Health Benefits of Brazilian Coffee:

The coffee drink is known as a ground boil of roasted coffee beans, and the Brazilian crops are distinguished by their smart aroma and the strength of their multiple flavors. The best types of coffee provide the body with many distinctive healthy elements.

  • Specialized Brazilian coffee contains many important nutrients, such as multiple B vitamins such as riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, and some other minerals beneficial to the health of the body, such as potassium, magnesium, and manganese. One of the most important substances that specialized coffee contains are antioxidants.
Blind Catalau
  • One of the advantages of Brazilian coffee is that it contains a high percentage of caffeine, which acts as a factor that increases the activity of the body and works to raise energy levels significantly.
  • Another advantage of the specialized Brazilian coffee is that it activates the person and increases the rate of burning calories by enhancing the metabolism in the body by 11%. This coffee also works to increase the feeling of satiety, especially by using coffee envelopes.
Sirima - honey
  • One of the most important advantages of specialized Brazilian coffee is that more than one type of Brazilian coffee can be mixed together in a cup to give a stronger taste. deeper. And more strain, and these grains are roasted more to give a distinctive taste.
Buriti - honey
  • Brazilian coffee is processed in its native land using several methods such as wet processing. Dry processing and others, and this helps to give the coffee a more effective and stronger taste. Therefore, Brazilian espresso coffee is one of the best types of coffee in the world.
Instant Specialized Coffee Filter - 6 Envelopes

Characteristics of Brazilian coffee

  • Drip coffee is a distinctive taste for coffee lovers.
  • Envelopes of coffee significantly reduce appetite.
  • قهوة مختصه تبقي الجسم في حالة نشاط طوال اليوم مع امداده بالطاقة .
  • Burn fat and speed up the metabolism of drip coffee.
  • Coffee types work to combat aging and improve the appearance of the skin because of the antioxidants and ginseng it contains.
Saudi coffee

Overtones of coffee:

We rate and blend coffee based on specific characteristics from 1 to 10

Aroma: How strong is the aroma of the coffee?
Overtones: Did you taste the hints directly, or were they subtle?
Body: Is the coffee body light or heavy?
Sweetness: How would you rate the bitterness and sweetness of coffee?

Benefits of Brazilian coffee for weight loss from coffee beans

  • يقلل الكافيين الموجود في القهوة البرازيلية المختصة من الشعور بالجوع لفترة قليلة مما يؤدي لتقليل السعرات الحرارية المتناولة ويساعد شرب القهوة البرازيلية قبل تناول الوجبة بوقت قصير بالتقليل من كمية الوجبة التي person can take it.
  • One of the benefits of Brazilian coffee for slimming is that caffeine helps to increase the rate of burning calories in the body and increases the use of energy in the body, as it has been proven that consuming larger amounts of coffee is associated with a decrease in weight and a greater fat mass index.

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