Work policy and execution of orders

1. Order confirmation

The order is confirmed after reviewing it to ensure the validity of the data, and the customer is notified of this in writing by e-mail or by a short message on the phone, and the customer must contact the store in the event that a confirmation message is not received.

3. Cancellation of the order

The customer has the right to cancel the order unless it is confirmed by the store or has entered the execution stage for any reason whatsoever, and this is done by contacting the store's technical support.

2. Executing the request

In this case, the request is executed by the operating team, and it takes two working days after confirming the request.

4. Important information

  • The store has the right to change the chosen shipping company as it deems appropriate
  • The shipping cost is as shown on the order invoice
  • The shipment is delivered on or before the specified period

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